About Us

Porkchop and Applesauce are both rescue dogs.


I found Porkchop about eight years ago dogging semi-trucks out in the country. He was about eight weeks old when I found him. He was small and scrawny and covered with fleas.

I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road across from him. When the traffic cleared I called to him and he came running to me. He slept on my lap all the way home. From that day on he has been my dog.


A horse trainer found this little girl and two of her siblings out in a field. He picked up all three and took them home. He found homes for the other two and decided to keep her. He stopped by my boarding facility one day and asked if anyone could take her. He was no longer going to be able to keep her. I immediately fell in love with her.

I brought her home and now she is my husband’s dog.

This blog is all about their adventures. These two dogs are the best of friends. Porkchop will do anything for Applesauce and she loves him like crazy!