Getting Ready for a Road Trip: Part 2

Plan you trip with your dog in mind

You are going to need to find out about air fair and travel crates,  if flying. If staying in a hotel, find out if they allow pets. You may want to checkout the location of the veterinarians in the area where you will be staying.


Signs of car sickness

  • Vomiting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Trembling
  • Hunched posture


Teach your dog to eliminate on cue

  • Right before he goes, say a new cue, like “Hurry up!”
  • Praise him and give him a treat.


Keep your puppy occupied while you drive

  • Give them interactive toys to take up their attention
  • Stop often to let them stretch their legs
  • Keep them in their crate
  • Never leave your dog alone in the car




Staying at a hotel

  • Get a small fan or noise-maker so outside noises won’t keep your dog up or cause them to bark.
  • Giving the a toy or tough snack to chew and lick will help soothe them and may help them sleep better.



Author: Brenda Mueller

Website designer, blogger, instructional designer, business coach, marketer, graphic designer Married to my wonderful husband, Mark Mueller, homemaker, blogger, marketing strategist, musician, music teacher and ranch hand. I love of my two rescue dogs Porkchop and Applesauce and my two draft horses April and May.

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