Going for a Ride with Porkchop

Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear. Dave Barry


Why do dogs like to ride in cars?

Have you ever wondered that? I have and I think other people have wondered the same thing because I found many reasons out there on the internet (so you know they have to be true) so I though I would share them with you.


A New Adventure

Porkchop know that as soon as I get his collar and say, “Let’s get your clothes on!” it’s time to go for a ride in the truck. It’s all he can do to contain himself. He knows that getting in the truck is going to take him to a field where he can run, or to the store where he can go pick out a new toy or we are going hiking.


His Home Away From Home

Porkchop thinks of the truck as his third home. His kennel is his second one. He is very comfortable in there and the back seat is large enough that he can roam around.

The Dog Feels Like it is on a Hunt

The speed of the car and the forward motion and being surrounded by other cars can give a dog the feeling like it is in a pack.


Porkchop Wants to be With Me, Wherever I Go!

I think this is the biggest reason. Porkchop and now Applesauce just want to be with us. Whether we are at home or going out the door, they want to be near us.


Dog Owner’s Must Haves


Author: Brenda Mueller

Website designer, blogger, instructional designer, business coach, marketer, graphic designer Married to my wonderful husband, Mark Mueller, homemaker, blogger, marketing strategist, musician, music teacher and ranch hand. I love of my two rescue dogs Porkchop and Applesauce and my two draft horses April and May.

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